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There is no greater achievement than having run your own business

We understand

We understand the needs of the start up business is very different to the needs of the large corporation, but something they do have in common is the desire for a simple, quick and easy application for their capital finance. Save time and save money.


Unsecured Business Loans 

Are you frustrated your bank is insisting on security every-time you seek a business loan? We at “We Are Loans” have access to a financier who provides unsecured loans to businesses from $5,000 to $150,000 subject to credit assessment. Simple application process and Approval in as little as 24 hours. Its easy.


Equipment Finance

We Are Loans offer equipment funding where security is over the asset financed and takes away the cash flow impact on working capital/credit lines if paid up front. This form of finance may assist in protecting both your business & personal assets with minimal impact, if any, on existing credit lines.


Equipment Rental Finance 

We Are Loans offer equipment rental finance to fund new income producing assets in your business that you don’t need to own to make profits. Typical assets funded under Rental include: IT, vehicles, trucks, forklifts, medical equipment and fitness equipment.


Insurance Premium Funding (IPF)

IPF is designed to finance insurance premiums for business over the period of the insurance policy. This funding eases pressures on cash flow that insurance premiums can cause. Security on IPF is over the insurance policy so your assets are protected.


Fully Maintained Vehicle Fleet Finance

We Are Loans can offer companies competitive fully maintained financing of their motor vehicle fleet. (1 – 30 vehicles). This financing ensures small fleet operators obtain the same facilities, servicing and pricing only previously available to large fleet operators.


Debtor Finance

Is a flexible funding solution designed to improve cash flow by releasing cash flow from outstanding debtor invoices (up to 85% of debtor invoices) quickly and cost effectively.

Let us find your company the innovative financing solution that will launch your future growth.


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